Take Care of Your Hair

We all want Bright, healthy and  bouncy hair , it looks so beautiful and add beauty in our personality. Truly saying…. Just give a glance on your hair, doesn’t it looks rough, without shine, with split ends just like a broom. Yes, I agree, today’s life is very hectic , we hardly get time for ourselves. But with a regular care , we can maintain it’s beauty, can get a healthy nourished hair  & of course we can save a lot of money also which we spend on hair treatment after loosing it.

Here are some tips to follow to get rich, shiny & healthy hair.

1. Rinse your hair twice in a week is enough to clear our scalp, It will remove all dirt and extra oil from head. For sure it will give you a fresh feeling also.


2. Take a hair massage with oil before washing your hair. Use oil with rich of vitamins-e.  indian-head-massage

3. Use good quality shampoo & conditioner according to our hair type.


4. Don’t use hair dryer, let hair dry naturally. Dryer can damage your hair.  using-hair-dryer

5. Use a wide toothed clean comb to get knots out but never comb wet hair. shutterstock_188544620_large

6.Trim your hair regularly, Trimming keeps hair healthy and reduce split ends & hair looks good.


7. Hair masks are perfect solution to add bounce, shine  and health to hair.natural-hair-color

8. Eat healthy, Yes eat healthy otherwise all above your efforts will not work. Take a balance diet daily and sleep well too. 42e143e7eab589d89b2be9e883ee67e7

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