Manicure at home with easy steps


Manicure is not just  remove your nail paint and put again a new shade, It’s more then it. It is a beauty treatment which makes your nails and hand healthy. Rough, unshaped, broken nails doesn’t look good. Regular manicure is good for hand’s beauty.

Yes I agree, busy schedule doesn’t give us time to go salon or we want to save money. Now you can do manicure at home with essential steps.
1.  Collect tools :-  Gather all the required tools for manicure.
* Nail Paint Remover
* Nail Trimmer
* Nail filer
* Nail Buffer
* Cuticle trimmer
* Cuticle or cold cream
* Nail Paint
* Base coat & top coat.
2. Remove old nail paint :- use nail remover and cotton to remove old polish from nails.
3. Give shape : – If your nails are not in shape then cut nail with nail trimmer.
file gently the nails and give a clean shape.  Don’t cut nails too short.
4. Buff the nails :- Buff your nails surface to smooth it, Do not use it too much, it can make your nails thin and weak.
5. Soak your nails :- Take a bowl of warm water, add some drop of liquid soap and soak your nails. It will loose all the dirt , dead skin and soften cuticles.
6. Remove cuticles :-  Let dry your nails , then apply cuticle lotion then with the help of cuticle trimmer, gently push back cuticles. you can also cut cuticles with cuticle cutter but it’s not safe till you are perfect.
7. Give a Massage :- Give a soft massage with cream and lotion to your palm and fingers.
8. Apply nail paint :-  Pick your favorite color and apply first coat then let it dry, after new minutes, apply second coat of color nail paint.
nail paint
9. Apply top coat :- When your nail paint dry completely then give a layer of top coat on your nails, It will give a shine to your paint and protect your manicure too.
top coat
Image Credit :- Google

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