Pedicure at home with easy steps

Like body’s other parts, feet are also need a care. Beautiful, clean feet add a value in our beauty. But what we do ?? we ignore to give time to our feet. It’s also required some time & love.
The best thing is you can do pedicure at home without go in salon and spending much money. So what are you waiting , lets start pamper your feet.
1. Collect tools :-  collect all the pedicure tools together.
* A tub of warm water
* Nail Paint Remover
* Nail Trimmer
* Nail filer
* Cuticle trimmer
* Pumice stone
* Cuticle or cold cream
* Scrub & massage cream
* Nail Paint
* Base coat & top coat.
2. Remove old nail polish :- Using nail paint remover and cotton balls, remove your old nail paint.
3. Cut your nails :- Cut & shape your nails with nail trimmer and filer. Cut your nails enough to see white at tips & give a shape to your nails.
4 Soak feet :- Take a tub of warm water, soak your feet for atleast 10 minutes. It will loosen all the dirt, soften cuticles.
5. Remove Cuticles :- With the help of cuticles trimmer and pusher, slowly puch back your cuticles around nails.
cuticle remove
6. Soften your heels :- Use pumice stone to gently scrub your heels. Adding some liquid soap on scrubbing brush and clear feet.
7. Scrub & massage :-  Give a massage to your feet with cream, it will give you a relaxation.
8. Ready for polish :-  Now take out your feet completely from tub and dry your feet with towel. apply moisturizer on your feet.
9. Polish your nails:-  Pick your favorite color and apply first coat then let it dry, after new minutes, apply second coat of color nail paint.
9. Apply top coat :- When your nail paint dry completely then give a layer of top coat on your nails, It will give a shine to your paint and protect your manicure too.
Image Credit :- Google

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