8 care rules to look younger in your 30’s.


Hello friends !!!

When anybody ask you the question “what’s your age ???” we girls, stare the person like he has done a crime. Isn’t it ??  It happens girls……. Who don’t want to look younger ? Now not only girls even boys also want to look younger  than their age. We always want to be count ourselves in youth. Hectic life , busy schedule, pollution , ignorance, laziness and the biggest “do not care” habit, show are age on our face. Here are some skin care rules for whom who want to look young always. 

  1. The first thing to do after wake up in morning, clean your face with cleanser. choose gentle cleansers. it’ will remove all the excess amount of oil and moisturize your face. 
  2. Whenever you step out in the morning make sure to use SPF. even apply it before makeup too.
  3. Moisturize your skin if it’s dry and use oil free products If your skin has acne problem. Do not scrub your face daily.
  1. A very important note,  which we mostly ignore. Always remove your makeup at night, if you are out from your home keep makeup remover pads in your bags.
  2. Give a full body massage in a week, use coconut oil, it’s a natural moisturizer for body. Apply avocado and papaya face mask.
  3. If you are 30 or older , it’s  right time to use anti aging cream. Anti-aging facial is also effective.
  4. Water is very important for skin, it remove all the dirt and purify blood which give a glow to skin. Eat food full of vitamins and protein, use a good amount of raw vegetables and fruits.   
  5. All above act are fail if you are not happy and live a stressful life.  A stressful life can make a person elder then actual age. More you laugh more you look younger. Keep your smile with you.


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  1. I use to be horrible at washing my face before bed. I would always go to sleep with a full face on…now I NEVER go to bed without taking my makeup off. Now I need to be better about the SPF. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you dear, follow to get best result 🙂

      stay connected ❤

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