Give your face oxygen

Hello friends !!!

After a busy schedule, finally got time to bleach my face as I do not bleach regularly. But whenever I do, I prefer to bleach at home because parlor can be more  expensive then the price of a bleach pack . As we all know very well, bleach lighted facial hair color to match our skin tone. Nowadays, there are lot of bleaches  in the market like gold, pearl, fruit, oxybleach and so on.

Today I tried oxylife cream + cream bleach. According to its name “oxy” it boost our skin with oxygen to get instant glow. Mostly bleach cream comes with powder activator but it’s with a cream activator. Naturally I was little scare to use this new cream activator based formula but as soon as I got result, it was a “wow” for me. Not only my facial hair mixed with skin color but reduced dark spots and tanning is also got lighter 2-3 shades which I used to hide with foundation 😛 (yeah I accepted ). I got a instant fairness & glow on my face . I’m literally gonna use this again.

It’s very easy to use :-


Wash your face, let it dry completely. Empty both activator and cream in a plastic bowl.

Using spatula, mix it well till they dissolve. Use spatula or your finger (i use ) and apply the mixture on your face, avoid application on eyebrows, around eyes and lips.

Allow application to remain for the suggested time given in manual along with pack. Then wash off it with plain water. Before wash I suggest, clean application with sponge so that it will not a mess when you wash off with water.

*If you get redness on your face, use ice on face without delay and if you are new , pls do a patch test behind ear before use on your face.

Please use and share your experience too.

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