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Hello Girls,


A small box of petroleum jelly can be a friend in your beauty problems. Not agree !!! but it is true girls :D. Vaseline is not a makeup product but it can help to resolve your beauty problems from head to toe.


Here are some useful hacks of Vaseline.


1. Set messy hair :- If you want a sleek hair style then apply a small amount of Vaseline on your hair and manage them without using oil..


2. Tame eyebrow :- Tame your eyebrow with a pinch of Vaseline, it will look better.


3. Substitute for mascara :- If you don’t like apply mascara and still want a shiny lashes then spread Vaseline on lashes. your lashes will look shiny and thicker.


4. Protect skin from hair color :- We all have fear to get color mark on skin while coloring hair. Apply some Vaseline on neck and forehead along with hairline. your skin will be safe to get color.


5. Hide split ends :- If you have split ends and do not have time to go salon then take small amount of Vaseline and spread on split ends. do not use too much of Vaseline.


6. Remove stubborn eye makeup  :- Removing eyeliner become a mess sometime. Take a pinch of Vaseline and spread the ruined area and wipe it.


7. Highlight your cheek :- Dab a pinch of Vaseline on your cheekbone to highlight it without spending much more and get instant dewy look. you can mix it with your lipstick and eye shadow too.


8. Make a glossy lips :- Applying Vaseline on lips will actually make it glossy but if you have collection of matte lipsticks and want a glossy lips with current collection, apply Vaseline on your favorite lipstick.


9. Mess free manicure :- Spread some Vaseline around the nails while applying nail paint. when you done, wipe Vaseline with cotton.


10. Make perfume last longer :- Rub small amount of Vaseline on cleavage, behind the ear, neck, wrist then spray perfume, it will stay longer.

Tell us girls, which one is  yours …………….

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  1. Number 10….no idea it did that…wow

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