10 Essential every girl should have in her bag

Hey Beautiful,

I love to always carry my bag , it’s my best buddy who give me a comfort in every situation. Feeling tired, dull face, insecure, need a freshness,  all problem’s solution is in my bag.

Alike me all girls carry a bag but just check out once, Is your bag giving you a beauty comfort when whole day you are on shopping, hangout with your friends,A tired day in office and out of office someone is waiting for you or your crush offering a dinner.

Are you ready to face it will a dull face ?? No !!!!!!

To come out from this situation here are some essential every girl should give space in her bag.

1. Comb :- To arrange your messy hair and if your want to change your hair style, comb can help you better.


2. Hair pins, bands :-  Keep some hair pins and bands in your to give a perfect style, you want to add for the occasion.

3. BB & CC cream :- If you have BB or CC cream with you, you not need to carry foundation, Compact powder and all. BB & CC creams are enough to give a finished look to your face.


4. Kajal Pencil :-  Whole day busy schedule, don’t know how many time we touch and rub our eyes, keep a kajal pencil with you to re-design your eyeliner, make your eyes shiny or correct your smudged eyeliner.


5. Lipstick :- Wooooooo Hoooooo, This is actually required, for me I’m in habit of leaking my lips again and again, it makes my lipstick shade fed. May be it happen with you too. If so, carry a lipstick also to make your lipstick shade perfect.


6. Body spray :- Sweating is a biggest problem these days and a flowery fragrance around you can refresh you and do not let you feel down.

Closeup of woman spraying perfume on wrist at home

7. Moisturizer :-  Dry and rough body part does not look, keep moisturizer to moisturize dryness.


8. Safety pins :- Carry some safety pins to avoid such unwanted and worst situation, As I always keep a bunch of safety pins in my bag


9. Wet wipes :- Keep a pack of wet tissues with you, it can be helpful for you in so many ways as you want.


10. Wallet :- The most and important thing , money !!!! without it don’t think to go outside, do remember to carry your wallet in your bag and keep your credit, debit, shopping cards and some cash in your wallet.


So girls arrange your bag again, sure you will never see beauty issues.

Stay Connected with Love ❤

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  1. Wet wipes and safety pin…..They always come in handy…Always!!! I always have a needle and thread too


    1. Great dear 🙂 I will also carry a needle and thread. Dont know when required 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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