DIY- Celebrity style donut High-Bun at home

Hello Readers,

High buns are in fashion among celebs. We all wish to style with these hairstyle. Girls with long hairs are lucky to go with high bun style, it’s easy for long hair. But if you have short hair, do not worry …. Now you can get the high bun celeb look easily no matter how long your hair is  or the volume.

Even I love this style very much , it’s so easy and stylish. This post will help you to get your perfect high bun look with finished touch like professionals.

Do it yourself at your home and look stylish in just few minutes.

Required  :- 

1* One sock

2* Hair spray

3* Hair pins

4* Comb

5* Hair Rubbers

6* Scissor

7* Hair accessories (optional)

Instructions : – 

  • Choose a sock matching to your hair color, If you want you can take old sock or a new one too ( depends on you ). I choose my old stuff. We need to cut it so make sure you will not be able to use it again as earlier.
  • Cut the tip of the sock, make it like tube. Roll it until it comes with a ring or donut shape. You can take two or more socks depends how much volume you want.524f30610bdbb44c591cafea52ad9c87.jpg
  • Make high ponytail with a tight knot.
  •  Insert all your hair into the center of sock’s ring or donut , adjust it in the middle.
  •  Cover all the sides of socks’s ring nicely and with rubbers screwing the sock to come down to the base of ponytail, make sure all the sides covered.
  •  Check again it is not suppose to loose. Adjust rest  hair around the bun with hair pins. Use spray to set your hairs.
  • Now give a final touch with accessories , if you want.

Try this at home I’m sure you will get compliments from others & DON’T forget to tell me your experience.

Stay Connected with Love  ❤

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  1. I love the sock trick

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    1. Thank you dear , follow the blog and stay tuned with some more updates .

      you can directly get in touch on facebook too .

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