​Exfoliate your lips with easy home remedies

Hello Lovely Readers ,

Beautiful, smooth, glossy, chapped free lips looks so sexy. Agree !!!

But if your lips are dry and rough then you can not get a proper finish look with your most favorite lipstick too. A clear and smooth lips are good to make an art with lipstick on your lips and you would love it more……

Well, My lips get dry very soon and when it dry , I personally don’t like to put lipstick because it looks rough and unfinished so I used to exfoliate my lips once in a week to make my lips flake free.

Exfoliation not only remove dead skin cells but circulates blood for a natural effect too. Just give 5 minutes for your lips to make them super.

Here I am with some home remedies to exfoliate your lips in easy way :-

1. Sugar and Honey :-  This is very natural and easily available in our kitchen. Take one spoon honey and add half spoon of sugar.  Mix them well and apply on lips. Gently massage with your finger and wipe with the soft cotton. Apply moisturizer on lips.


2. Sugar and Olive oil :-  Well, alike the first one . Take half half spoon of sugar and olive oil , if olive oil is not available, you can take coconut oil too, mix them and apply on lips. After a gentle massage wipe with cotton and moisturize your lips.  Screen shot 2015-04-22 at 7_48_21 AM copy.png

3. Toothbrush and Vaseline :-  This option is very easy and totally time saving. Put a coat of vaseline and take a baby brush ( because it has soft brushes ). Slowly slowly rub the brush on your lips in a circular motion. Wipe with cotton and apply vaseline again to re-hydrate your lips.It will circulate the blood and lips become moist and plump.

4. Wet Cotton cloth :-  Yes, you are reading right. Just take a cotton cloth or towel, pore on the rose water and rub your lips gently. then moisturize your lips.


5. Coffee and Honey :- It’s very interesting for coffee lovers.  Just take half spoon of coffee and one spoon of honey, mix well and gently massage with your finger. It will taste a little bit bitter 😛 .  Wipe the lips and moisturize.


Important to be note :- 

* Exfoliate your lips once in a week because lips are very sensitive.

* Massage gently , do not rub fast or hard. It may harm to your lips.

* Must moisturize your lips after exfoliate.

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