Homemade body scrub with oats.


Hello Lovely Readers,

Like our face, our body also need to be scrubbed to remove dead cells and to get glowing skin. only shower doesn’t work to exfoliate skin, body needs something extra to shine and be healthier.

A lot of variety of body scrub or exfoliation creams are available in the market but I prefer homemade body scrub because homemade scrubs are less expensive, natural, chemical-free and do not have threat for reaction or irritation. It hydrates skin and leaving it smooth and soft.

Here is one of my favorite oats scrub, which I would love to share with ……

What you need :-

1 Oats

2 Honey

3 Milk

4 Lemon

5 Rose water or petals

How to prepare : –

Soak oats in milk for atleast half an hour, once it done, add honey, lemon juice and mix it well. Add rose water for fine consistency or you can used crushed rose petals too for a rossy fragrance.

How to apply :-

Apply it mixture on all over body with the help of finger and gently massage your body. leave it for 15 minutes then wash with lukewarm water.

Take care :-

  • Do not massage hard because skin is sensitive and if we do so there can be rashes.
  • Do not use soap or shower gel for whole day.
  • Moisturize your skin with good quality lotion after scrubbing.


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