Style with Baby Bump with some extra care

Hello Beautiful ladies,

A wow moment when a lady turns to be called a MOMMY.  A beautiful phase which can not be describe in words. A girls with full of happiness and feels motherhood in herself.

Today’s post is for the lovely ladies who is going to be mommy as one of my friend is asked me to give some beauty & style tips during pregnancy.  Sometimes girls feel shy to go out with a baby bump and in the confusion how to style herself.

So I’m here with some tips & tricks to look fabulous with your baby bump.

1. Dress :-  With day to day changes in your body, dressing becomes a challenge. Some like to show their bump and some like to hide it. This is always suggested to pregnant ladies to wear light and comfortable clothes. Maxi and gowns are best for the pregnancy period, prefer cotton clothes mostly, it will keep you cozy and it’s very much comfortable too. Large shirts, skirts are also a good options. Now maternity wear are also available online as well as on retail store. Get some guide from our Bollywood divas for dressing.

Stay Away :- 

* Body fit clothes.

* Uncomfortable fitting or material used.

* Use flats or shoes instead of heels.

2. Food :- Take a proper & balance diet in these days. Do not skip your food at any cost , what you eat, it directly go to your baby so eat healthy and rich of vitamin, proteins & minerals. Eat all tricolor (Red, White & Green)  food.

* Red :-  Included all the fruits and pulses, sprouts, fish, Meat.

* White :-  Rice, Wheat flour, milk, egg, Paneer

* Green :-  Included all the green vegetables and salads.

food for pregnancy

Stay Away :- 

* Stop junk foods.

* Stop alcohols.

* Stop Smoking.

3. Makeup :-  Awweeeeee,  See once yourself in the mirror, you are already glowing like divine , at the time of pregnancy body hormones change which make your skin so beautiful and natural glowing.  But still If you like to do makeup, do not stop yourself to doing it. Keep your makeup light and natural, loud makeup can irritate you & harm to your baby.

make up with bumpStay Away :-

* Nail paints & remover,

* Perfumes & Scent,

* Hair remover, Hair Dye and coloring,

* Chemical sunscreen and whatever  which has a strong chemical and scent.

Share your experience with me, would love to hear from you.
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