Roses in your beauty regime

Heyaaa Girls…….

Well , Who doesn’t love roses, Roses are not only a flower, its a medium to spread & convey love. For a couple , for a family, for a lover, for a child, In any occasion at any time, with a reason or without a reason, roses are beautiful things to express the emotion. No matter it’s coming with a single stick or in a bunch, it just make us feel so special and automatically turns into a romantic mode.

Roses not only perfume our life, it’s play a very big role in our beauty also. Roses has power to add a charm in your beauty and make you feel classy and special. It treats you as a princess.

So here are some tips to add roses in your beauty regime and just feel special.


Rose bath :- The ancient Greeks and Romans used rose petals to perfume their baths.

* Fill your bath tub with water, add rose water or some crushed roses petals and squeeze lemon, keep them as well for few minutes atleast 15-20 minutes. rose extract will mix with water and your tub will full of rose fragrance.

* If you don’t use bath tub then take a bowl full of water, add crushed rose petals or water , squeeze lemon, then apply it on overall body. leave it of 10 minutes then wash away.

* you can take rose bath bomb to enjoy this. rose bath bomb are easily available online.


Rose water & toner :- Rose water and toner is good for all skin type, it control excess oil, clear open pores and prevent acne.

* Pore a cotton ball in rose water or in toner and directly apply on your face for face cleaning or toning.

* For tired eyes, pore a cotton pad in chilled rose water and cover your eyes with pads. sit relax for few minutes. it reduce redness or puffiness under the eyes.


Rose face pack :- Rose helps to heal scars, hydrates and moisturizes skin and has anti-ageing property, prevent from acne, fine lines and wrinkle. So it must suggest to add a Rose based face pack in your beauty.

Now  Rose petals powder is also available in market with good quality and fragrance. you can buy it online.

Now add some roses in your beauty routine and tell us your experience.

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  1. myheartots says:

    so nice =) i want to do this soon =) can pamper myself

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    1. Thank you 🙂 sure, we must pamper.

      Liked by 1 person

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