Get glow with Red Wine

Hello beauties,

Do you love to drink WINE ? Yes !!! ohkk,, what if I ask you to bath in a tub with full of wine or wash dunk your face in wine ? NO !!!!!!!! , Say yes now.

Red wine therapy & facials are most trendy in spas & parlors. Red wine has extraordinary substance to make your skin glow & fresh. Wines are in use of making skin care products which fights with skin problems such as toners and creams. Many cosmologist suggest to add red wine in your beauty regime.

You can do wine facial at home with mixing some ingredients.

Benefits :-

* Wine refresh and repair damaged skin.

* It makes your skin smooth and shiny, regular use of wine makes your your skin   glowing.

* Red wine is rich of antioxidant properties, which help you to prevent from early ageing & remove tanning.

* Wine help to deeply clean skin and help to detoxify.

* White wine helps to tighten skin, reduce open pores and prevent from acne.


Face masks : – 

Before using any mask, remove makeup, wash face and let it dry.

1. Pure Wine : – Apply only a layer of wine/ or spray some wine on your face. leave it to dry and rinse with lukewarm water. you will feel instant freshness.

2. Honey and wine :- Mix homey and wine together. apply on face , once dry apply again. put 3-4 layer. let it dry then rinse with lukewarm water. you will feel your skin more soften.

3. Egg white, green tea and wine  :- Take out green tea from tea bag. mix egg white, green tea and wine very well. Apply all over face keep it for 10 minutes & rinse with water. It will help you to reduce pores and prevent from acne.

4. Rose powder & wine :- Mix rose powder and wine, make a paste and apply on face and neck area. Once dry, rinse with lukewarm water. Rose powder are easily available on online store.

*  you can add wine in other ingredients also.  

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