My True Bengali Look- Durga Pooja Special

Hello lovely readers !!!!

How are you all ? Hope you all are doing good and enjoying life. So here I am back with my true Bengali look which  I have done on this Durga Puja in Navaratri.

durga maa.jpg

Navaratri is a Hindu festival for nine nights dedicated to goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated in different different style in India even outside India wherever Hindu societies exists. Navaratri comes with joy, happiness and prosperity. Navaratri is also filled with food, dance, fun and festive fashion.


And I am super excited to share that I have got a surprise gift on this Navaratri 😀 which was not expected and I just loved it when I saw, It was a Bengali Sari to wear specially on this Navaratra. It is a Tant sari in yellow color with broad red color border. Tant sari is a handloom traditional Bengali sari, woven in cotton threads, light in weight and very comfortable in warm and humid weather.


My Bengali Tant sari is in vibrant yellow color with a broad deep red color border. All over body of sari is full of attractive flowers vine woven with green and red color threads. The border of the sari is thicker than other since the fineness of the weave make the ends prone to tearing.


So when I got this special gift for special occasion, then I have just decided to wear this sari in Bengali style and trust me friends, I really don’t know how to drape it in Bengali style ??? I was so confused , but there is a say ” where there’s a will, there’s a way ”  & it just clicked in my mind that my neighbor is from a Bengali family and she helped me out to draping this sari in a beautiful Bengali way. Thanks to Aunty :*  Now I learnt that 🙂 it was so graceful when done, would love to wear again.


I have accessorized this with metal dangle & drop earrings and metal bangles, which was totally matching the look. I have styled my hair with a little high puff from the front and a messy bun from back side. A bold dark black liner with using only kajal, a deep red lipstick was in my makeup & yes ofcourse, How a Bengali look can be complete without a big red bindi (dot on forehead ). It was complementing my look.




Photography Credit :- Kajal Sethi

These all beautiful pics were clicked by Kajal Sethi. She is young, passionate, positive and very understanding photographer.

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Stay tuned with lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤





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