Enjoyed Korean Cultural Festival in India

Hello Friends,

As I love to explore new things, visit places and love to know more about different different culture.

This time, I got some free passes to see Korean culture which was going on at Pragati Maidan in Delhi, India.


So I planned to go out there with my besties and trust me, we had a lot of fun there.

The event was organizing in Hamsadhwani theater. It was an open theater & I was not expecting this because weather was not in favor to sit in an open area.


Korean cultural festival welcomed all the visitors with loud music , dance and fun activities. Many cultural activities were going on there. I reached a bit late So missed some performance but I enjoyed, rest dance performance & Korean chef cooking show.


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There were a K-Cultural zone (Korea Cultural Zone) with mainly five interesting booths.

1- K-Food Zone :- There was an special exhibition of “SURASANG”, it is a Royal court cuisine of Korea. People from Korea were distributing Korean chocolates and rice cakes. ahh I didn’t like the cake bcoz I love spicy food and the rice cake was tasteless 😦

But the chef is so cute ❤



2- K-Beauty Zone :- Awwwww I love this booth much more, yeah you guess it right, it was about make-up. Make-up artist were giving class about ‘how to do ” makeup and some guidelines for makeup.

3- K-Content Zone :- In this booth, Information was available about pop music & drama of Korea.

4- K-Play Zone :- This was again an interesting booth, The art of Korea, Mask, paper fan, key chains were there to distribute people and color them of your choice. I was in my childhood, was painting my Koran paper fan and my friend spoiled my art :/
She is so naughty.


5- K-Travel :- Here we enjoyed a lot , this booth was offering people to wear traditional dress of Korea and get clicked a picture. So how can we miss the chance? We tried Korean traditional dresses and got a picture as memory 🙂


When the all activities done, We got some gifts from the Korea Culture Festival :*

  • Beautiful hand bag
  • A pic in the Korean traditional dress
  • Paper fan.


A special thanks to my HR head, who told me about this event 🙂  Well, it was an extra advantage for me to work in Korean company that I learn a lot about Korean culture. 😀

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Stay tuned with lots of love❤❤❤





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