Popfeel Eye-Shadow Palette Review & Swatches



Hello lovelies.

I am not a MUA but I love to do makeup occasionally with perfection. Since long time I was looking for matte eye shadow palette in an affordable price. While searching on amazon site, I found popfeel matte eye shadow palette. I liked all colors of this palate in first sight, it has all essential colors & bought to try this palette. Reviews from other user were also good. Price is reasonable for this palette and good for beginners like me. So today I am going to sharing my experience with this gorgeous popfeel matte eye shadow palette.

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The packaging :-

Product’s first impression comes with packaging. This palette has nothing “wow” factor with it’s packaging.

Outer package of this palette is simple in paper box. Brand name was mentioned on cover page of box and ingredient details on back side.

Eye-shadow comes in hard plastic case with a plastic sheet to cover colors. But it doesn’t have mirror & any kind of brush. This palette has 15 different shades, comes in matte and shimmer both. I grabbed matte one. It is in compact size, convenient to carry in purse, travel friendly palette.

Ingredients :-


Eye-shadow details & Swatches :-

This eye-shadow palette has 15 colors, all colors are must have to create nude/smokey look or to make a perfect base for your creative art. Palette has two shades , darker as well as lighter. Darker shades are good for creating smokey eyes and lighter shades will be good for neutral/nude eye-makeup look or making base. Colors are in powdery compact form, texture is good as it blend easily on skin and very pigmented. It stay longer at least 7-8 hours without any smudge and doesn’t make any patches.

Swatches for better understanding-

theduskybeauty.com (2).jpg


My Experience :-

This palette has good reviews on website. It is a good deal with a affordable price. Initially, I was in doubt about the quality. But when I used it, I was amazed. It works well. I love this palette. If you are beginner , this is perfect palette to try your hand on eye-makeup.

Buy it :-  

Professional 15 Colors Natural Shimmer Matte Eyeshadow Palette Eye Shadow Cosmetic Makeup Kit for Highlight Contour Smokey Eye Make Up Assorted Shade – 1

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